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Children are uniquely vulnerable to toxins and hazards in their environments. Our schools, their condition and the products and practices used in them, can influence children’s health, well being and educational outcomes.

We love our children more than anything, and they are our country’s greatest resource.

Whether you are a concerned parent or teacher, a professional designing a new school, a principal or a maintenance manager, CASLE offers two decades of experience and resources to help solve problems, and to show how healthy school environments benefit students and staff.

Our Mission

With solid information, respect, and persistence as our primary tools we can help provide environmentally healthy products and practices in schools, and healthy school buildings.



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Not Sure Where To Start?

The Essential Guide

Are you wondering “Where do I start?”  The Essential Guide is a set of information sources you will need to get started to make your school a healthier place.

The Essential Guide

School Administrator’s Guide

School administrators can address and prevent many air quality issues that can affect both health and learning/teaching.

School Administrator’s Guide

Environmental Sensitivities Accommodation Guide

Over 1 million Canadians have been diagnosed with environmental sensitivities (ES). Many of these are students or staff of schools.

Environmental Sensitivities Guide

Indoor Air Quality Kit: Tools for Schools

A simple kit helps schools prevent and identify air quality problems.  These checklists have been used to identify deficiencies in school  buildings.

Indoor Air Quality Kit

Healthy Schools Design and Construction

Healthy Schools Design and Construction is a ground-breaking document in design and construction of Healthy Schools. It has been used for over a decade to build all new public buildings in Nova Scotia.

Healthy Schools Design and Construction

Healthy Schools Day in Canada

A day set aside each year for Canadians schools to address and celebrate the importance of healthy and happy school environment for students, staff and the school community.

Healthy Schools Day

CASLE would like to thank Darren Fraser, owner of UPS Store 71, Park West Centre, Lacewood Drive, Halifax for supporting CASLE by donating us mailbox space.

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