Code of Conduct for Schools

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Date: (ie March, 2014)


No scents are to be worn or used at school by any student, staff or visitor to the school. The following procedures will be used to implement and enforce the policy:

  • Students and staff will be educated about the effect that scents have on individuals and what alternatives are available.
  • Signs will be posted at all entrances and in highly visible locations stating THIS IS A SCENT SMART BUILDING.
  • Anyone found to be using or wearing scents will be asked to leave the building immediately or remove the scent. Any infraction of this policy may also result in disciplinary action.
  • “Scent Smart” applies to persons and groups using the building after hours.

The following are suggested products you could purchase:

Laundry products:    Nature Clean brand, Down East brand (available at mainstream grocery stores, bulk barns and health food stores)

Hair Care/Soaps:      Nature Clean brand, Cliniderm Shampoo, Mary Kay Hair Gel, Marcelle Shampoo, KMS Puritives

Lotions/ Creams:      Lubriderm Unscented, Marcelle Face Cream, Almay Face Cream, Clinique, Noxema sensitive skin and fragrance free, Neutrogena face cream.

Deodorants:              Marcelle (roll on), Degree fragrance free, Right Guard Sport unscented

Shaving Products:     Body Shop for Men Aftershave Gel, Witch Hazel salves