Health Canada’s research and publications for Preventing Environmental Impacts on Human Health

There is increasing evidence that exposure to environmental health risks before conception, before birth, and in early childhood can lead to various developmental problems and chronic diseases such as asthma. There is also evidence that early prevention, can help reduce these risks. Teaching young people about how to prevent these exposures may have a significant impact on not only the health of Canadian youth but also the health of their future children.

Although Health Canada has successful ongoing programs to educate Canadians about these facts, many Canadians remain unaware of the positive impacts this knowledge can have on their health, their future children’s health, and the health of their environment.

How can more Canadians learn to reduce these environmental health risks?

Health Canada’s research and publications on Environmental Impacts on Human Health, and on how to prevent such harm, are available at and through these specific links:

Hazardcheck publication-

Radon –

Indoor Air Quality

Outdoor Air Quality –

Environmental Health Publications –