Hon. Geoff Regan MP, Healthy Schools Day Statement April 2010

Statement in Parliament on Healthy Schools Day in Canada 2010

Location: Ottawa | Start Date: 20100101
Organisation: MP Halifax West | Web Site:

 Hon. Geoff Regan (Halifax West, Lib.):

Mr. Speaker, today is Healthy Schools Day in Canada. Students, teachers, parents, and others in our school communities, are focused today on improving the indoor environmental quality in school buildings. Healthy Schools Day was established by Canadians for a Safe Learning Environment in Halifax West, and partner organizations across Canada.

This group has been very successful in helping to improve the condition of school buildings and raising awareness of products and practices used in schools. This means that students and staff have a safer and healthier place to learn and work.

I ask the House to join me in congratulating CASLE on its work. I encourage all members to join me in promoting Healthy Schools Day.