Healthy and Sustainable Buildings

Location: Chilliwack, BC | Start Date: 03/09/2011
Organisation: University of Calgary | Web Site:

Project Description

The University of Calgary’s Faculty of Environmental Design is conducting a workshop in Chilliwack, BC with Lee & de Ridder Architects, Calgary. 

Our workshop, called Healthy and Sustainable Buildings will instruct 30 registrants about Healthy Building Design and Construction. Included will be demonstrations of new wall and roof panels that do not offgass, do not grow mould, and that save energy. These Structurally Insulated Panels (SIP) are made from magnesium oxide board sandwiching rigid foam insulation. SIP panels can replace gypsum board in any building, including schools, to prevent mould growth, reduce energy costs and help reduce chemical offgassing from building materials.

Participants will include representatives from the local native bands in the lower mainland of BC, CMHC, local building officials, as well as builders. The workshop is hosted by a local builder, Lacey Developments Ltd.