Healthy Schools Day Participation

Location: Ontario | Start Date: 20100330
Organisation: Environmental Health Association of Ontario | Web Site:

Project Description

The Environmental Health Association of Ontario (EHAO) circulated the Healthy Schools Day poster and information throughout its membership and partnering organizations and some local schools to promote the Day to the wider community.

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What is the Environmental Health Association of Ontario (EHA Ontario)? 

We are a non-profit, charitable organization which provides support and information to its members with environmental sensitivities.  We also strive to raise awareness within the medical community, educational institutions and to the general public. Our goal is also to prevent further cases of environmental sensitivity from occurring.

The purpose of EHA Ontario is to provide support and gain respect and understanding for the many men, women, and children suffering from toxic chemical injury (i.e. from pesticides, volatile organic chemicals, heavy metals, etc), Environmental Sensitivities and other related disabilities.  We strive to create public awareness by providing education for the full recognition of environmentally induced illnesses, while promoting mutual respect between fellow human beings and encouraging all members of the community to participate and create a world in which there is no threat of toxic injury.

EHAO provides information to members, students and educational institutions at their request on Environmental Sensitivity, and information on resources for better air quality and coping with this illness.