Increase provincial funding for school repairs in Ontario

Location: Ontario, Canada | Start Date: 04/05/2016
Organisation: Fix Our Schools Campaign | Web Site:

Project Description

We are a grassroots, non-partisan, parent-led campaign creating a large network of citizens across Ontario who all expect that:

·      Every Ontario public school student attends a safe, well-maintained school

·      The $15-Billion of disrepair across all 72 Ontario school boards is addressed

·      Public schools are funded as critical to public infrastructure – on par with transit


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·      Our provincial government has underfunded school repairs by $5.8-billion over the last five years, as per Ontario’s Auditor-General.

·      Every single one of Ontario’s 72 school boards is impacted by the $15-billion repair backlog in Ontario’s publicly funded schools.

·      Critical and urgent repairs now total $1.7-billion, as per Ontario’s Auditor-General.