Letter to Province

Location: Nova Scotia | Start Date: 20100101
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Project Description

I am a teacher and Board Member for CASLE (Canadians for A Safe Learning Environment). To celebrate Healthy Schools Day I have written a letter to Nova Scotia’s Premier, Minister of Education, and Deputy Minister of Education to ask them to keep Healthy Schools a priority of government so that we do not lose ground, and because there is plenty more to do.  I will remind them that Nova Scotia schools are leaders with regard to healthy buildings, healthy cleaning materials, alternatives to pesticide use, and much more, due to the combined efforts of the Department of Education, school boards and public organizations such as CASLE .  Most current school parents have no idea what went on before, so the demand for healthy schools is no longer so present.  This is good.  However, there is risk of slipping backward. CASLE still is called in to assist in many cases.  We are concerned also for the ones of which we do not hear. Problems can be prevented entirely if a few basic programs are in place.

CASLE has an extensive website providing guidance in recurring areas of concern, and the site is well used.  www.casle.ca  That can only do so much.  Official regulations, workplace training as it pertains to children’s health and safety, and other ways to entrench and promote healthy school building environments are needed