Say “No” to Antibacterial Soaps in Schools

Location: Canada Wide | Start Date: 20140408
Organisation: Canadian Partnership for Children's Health and Environment (CPCHE) | Web Site:

Project Description

CPCHE, one of the founders of Healthy Schools Day in Canada (HSD), has released as its HSD project for 2014 a statement urging schools and day cares not to use antibacterial soaps. To read and use this statement go to:

Say “No” to antibacterial hand soaps

CPCHE is encouraging schools and child care centres to discontinue the use of antibacterial hand soaps, including those containing triclosan.  Triclosan is known to interfere with normal hormone function in animals, and is suspected of similar effects in humans. Hormones control the way young bodies and brains develop, thus protecting kids from exposure to hormone-disrupting chemicals is of paramount importance. In addition, doctors say not to use household antibacterial products because of concerns that these chemicals may be creating antibiotic  resistant germs.

CPCHE’s website contains important research and information on children’s environmental health: