School Administrator’s Guide to a Healthy School’s Indoor Air Quality

Location: Canada | Start Date: 20120301
Organisation: CASLE | Web Site:

Project Description

There are school indoor environment issues over which school administrators have control. These are in addition to, although sometimes partnered with, the building management team’s responsibilities.  CASLE has partnered with experienced school principals to create a useful tool to assist school administrators regarding positive and essential action on school indoor air quality.

This guide contains:

  1. Essential information on environmental impacts on learning ability and health of normal individuals and also on those with existing health problems.
  2. Examples of common issues and possible solutions that heighten principals’ awareness.
  3. A resource list to keep handy to help solve problems.

School administrators can address and prevent many building-related and program-related issues that can affect both the health and the learning/teaching performance of students and staff.