Videos and Tips for Healthy Schools

Location: Manitoba | Start Date: 20110327
Organisation: Children's Health and Environment Partnership | Web Site:

Project Description

Children’s Health and Environment Partnership (CHEP)is featuring Healthy Schools Day in Canada information on our website and promoted the event in the e-newsletter in November 2010 and March 2011.

Participants/students are encouraged to make videos about healthy school issues and submit them to be posted on CHEP’s website. CHEP staff can assist with interviews or video production.

CHEP member, The Green Action Centre, offered some easy tips to get the gears in motion:

  • Encourage more walking/biking/idle-free zones – fewer cars in the area means less exhaust!
  • Prevent dirt and dust from spreading by designating outdoor clothing areas.
  • Plan a spring clean-up indoors or outdoors
  • Encourage school to implement the use of non-toxic cleaners